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18th Day of 40

Today, Friday, October 16, 2020, is 18 days before the November 3, 2020 Election Day in the United States. Time marches on, and we are now well past the half way point of what we are calling the “40 Day Window of the Watchmen.” Although we are over half way through it, there is still time to participate, as much as you can. We are setting our alarms for the the ancient “Watches” of the day–9 AM; Noon; 3 PM; 6 PM; to pray for our nation. Pray from your own heart and your own convictions. The thing we are joining together in is the idea of repentance and thanksgiving. If needed, here is a suggested prayer: “FATHER, WE DECLARE OUR REPENTANCE OF OUR SINS; WE EXALT YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS; WE EXPRESS OUR THANKFULNESS; WE LIFT OUR NATION BEFORE….PLEASE:FORGIVE US,UNIFY US,HELP US,DIRECT US,HUMBLE US,HEAL US,REVIVE US,RENEW US….” It is Friday, but not “casual Friday” when it comes to the intensity of our prayers. Wear your jeans to work if you want (and you can–Ha!); however, let us never let down or get casual in our spiritual consistency. With 22 days down, and 18 to go in this 40 Day Window of the Watchmen, here are some important principles to learn or re-learn, and then LEAN IN TO:1. Jesus made an eye opening, even shocking statement when He said, “If you break into a strongman’s house (to take stuff), you have to first “bind the strongman.” At first thought, it appears that God is giving us tips on how to become a burglar. (Insert a big smiley face emoji–I didn’t because insert one because I was afraid it would be one of the big ones and be a distraction.) However, the reason Jesus uses this as an example is that He wants us to understand the stakes of the endeavor we face in prayer. First, the Devil is a formidable enemy. Second, what gives the Devil the formidable skills is that he has been around several thousand years and is smart by the design of the Creator. God created him to be an archangel of great beauty and light. After his rebellion he is dark and ugly–but can still appear as an “angel of light.” Second, the illustration of “breaking into his house” is made because Jesus wants to emphasize what you are needing to GET BACK INTO YOUR POSSESSION, is not someone else’s stuff, or the Devil’s stuff–but YOUR OWN STUFF THE ENEMY HAS STOLEN FROM YOU. Jesus is saying the Devil has stolen what is yours–not his. As a matter of fact, the Devil doesn’t have anything. Nothing actually belongs to him. All that the Devil has is what he has stolen. Nothing about the Devil is legitimate. Further, Jesus has given you both the power, authority, and ability to take back what is LEGITIMATELY YOURS. (Read on)2. Jesus said: “BEHOLD: I am giving you the KEYS TO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. (Here are the two “master keys” so don’t miss the idea)–whatever you BIND on earth (first key) will be BOUND in Heaven, and whatever you LOOSE (second key) will be LOOSED in Heaven.” Binding and Loosing are the “Keys to the Kingdom of Heaven and Earth.” The Devil HATES IT that you know this, and HATES IT EVEN MORE IF YOU APPLY IT TO YOUR LIFE. 3. The first key–BINDING–needs to be used on sin. Sin has to be bound before the second key–LOOSING can be utilized. What do we “bind”? WE BIND SIN. Jesus said “First, you bind the strongman.” The “strongman” in our world is the Devil (in application, the spirit of sin). When we pray for repentance of sin during our 40 Day Window of the Watchmen, we are BINDING SIN. Whenever you pray for repentance, you are powerfully invoking one of the two keys to the Kingdom Jesus gave us as a spiritual gift in our lives. Learn to use this key of binding in your daily life, throughout the day. Always remember–SIN AND RIGHTEOUSNESS DON’T CO-EXIST IN THE SAME VESSEL, SITUATION, OR PERSON. The Devil wants you to believe the lie that you can be sinning and God smiling and blessing you at the same time–if this awful thing were true, Jesus wouldn’t have needed to give us the “Keys to the Kingdom.” He gave us binding and loosing, because that is what needs to happen. Sin has to be bound through repentance and turning from the sin. 4. LOOSING. We have to “LOOSE” the power and presence of the Holy Spirit–(Jesus spirit; God’s spirit) into your life, into your home, into your community; into our nation; into our world. The Holy Spirit is a gentleman in that He doesn’t not force Himself onto you or into you. The Holy Spirit comes and enjoins us by our invitation. “Come Holy Spirit I (WE) need you….” is how we invoke this important KEY TO THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN. Binding sin and loosing the Holy Spirit is life changing and direction changing spiritual work! Join together with us as we unleash these powerful and important spiritual tools during the last 18 days of our 40 Day Window of the Watchmen. Our prayer is that you will learn how powerful they are and how you can continue to use them in your life every day!God Bless & Much Love, Marc & Marceil

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