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11th Day of 40

Today, Friday, October 23, 2020, is 11 days from the November 3, 2020, Election Day in the United States. I have started every post out this way the last 29 days (those of you “following” already know this) because God spoke to me in mid-September to start 40 days before the Election Day to call people to prayer as “Watchmen on the Wall.” I felt God prompting me (notice I am not saying “Thus says the Lord….” because I don’t want you to stop reading this if this is your first time hearing about this idea). The idea was the “40 Day Window of the Watchmen.” Challenge everyone who will to set prayer alarms for the 4 Biblical “Watches” of the day–9 AM; NOON; 3 PM; and 6 PM. When the alarm goes off pray for repentance of sins for yourself and then our nation–FROM YOUR HEART. Next, prayerfully give thanks to God for His provision and blessing in our lives and to our nation.–FROM YOUR HEART. If the prayers are “FROM YOUR HEART” that is all that matters. The format or wording is not important to God, it is the heart! However, if you need a prayer type reminder here it is: “FATHER, WE DECLARE OUR REPENTENCE OF OUR SINS; WE EXALT YOUR RIGHTEOUSNESS; WE EXPRESS OUR THANKFULNESS; WE LIFT OUR NATION BEFORE….PLEASE:FORGIVE US,UNIFY US,HELP US,DIRECT US,HUMBLE US,HEAL US,REVIVE US,RENEW US….”On this 11th day before the Election Day (and winding down on the 40 Day Window God has given us), things are heating up. The stakes are high and we have a (Window of Time) to seek and cry out to God for his mercy and help. There is all kinds of information, misinformation, truth and untruth that circulates every where from everyone–the media; the news; political advertisements; friends; families. I was especially taken by some political ads that came on back to back just before the 7 AM news a few minutes ago: Two candidates opposing each other in the upcoming election who went on TV and paid money to flat out attack each other on the exact same three or four issues–nothing really factual, but very personal. Watching the Presidential Debate last night it was staggering how the accusations fly and they are NEVER really answered, but diverted back to an accusation against the opponent. This is further complicated by you and me. YES–we are often accomplices to the corruption. How? We are accomplices when we continue on and on to defend someone when we don’t really know the truth about them or the situation, but we feel we have to “have their back” because people have heard us support them. (I know I am treading on thin ice–sorry about that–HOWEVER–let’s call it out). When you defend someone based upon your past support and not on the current facts, you are basing your current position on PRIDE. This came to mind last night when one candidate would say “you received millions of dollars from such and such foreign nation…” Instead of really answering the accused would say, “WELL…this guy (pointing to the other guy) did such and such….” Nothing gets answered or resolved. Johnny Cash wrote the song in 1970, “What is Truth.” He was talking about the war in Vietnam and the protests and unrest of the 1960’s–racial equality; young people trying to be heard; and exposing the hypocrisy of those older trying to keep them silent. Cash’s ideology was basically–“You can tell people to sit down, shut up, and do what you are told, but that will only last long enough for your own hypocrisy to be exposed.” What is the TRUTH? How do we know it? How do we navigate situations/circumstances/things said, so that we know or hear some truth? Answer: HERE COMES ANOTHER ONE OF MY ACROSTICS!!! I am 61 years old and communicate with acrostics. BOOM. What is T.R.U.T.H. ???T–Transparent. You will be hearing the truth when someone says things like: “That is partially true and partially twisted.” “I messed up.” “I am sorry about the part of that I had control and could have done it differently.” “There is some truth in what you are saying, but if you give me a few moments I can and will explain the situation, and then you decide the truth.” FURTHER–Transparency is not some forced or made up thing. Transparency means I am a sinner. I am saved from my sin only by God’s mercy, forgiveness, and grace. I must be forgiving of others (and not accusing of others) as well. PLEASE NOTE–WHEN YOU HEAR PEOPLE ACCUSE WITHOUT ADMITTING THEIR OWN CULPABILITY, YOU ARE NOT HEARING THE TRUTH. R–Real. You will be hearing the truth when you feel it. Truth is like cream content that is in raw milk. If you let the milk from the cow sit over night, the entire cream content will rise to the top. (If you have no idea what I am talking about I apologize–but it makes you a real “city slicker”–Ha!) Let things settle. When they settle, the truth rises. People and situations not motivated or driven by the truth usually talk not stop and don’t ever let things settle. They probably know if they didn’t keep stirring things up, the truth would come out. The person who talks and talks and talks is usually the person who isn’t real (and who isn’t telling the truth). U–Understanding. You will be hearing the truth when you seek to understand. Understanding comes through listening, NOT through talking. Listen. The truth is revealed through asking questions, not spouting opinion. T–Telling. You will be hearing truth when a leader “tells” NOT “sells.” Truth is a risky thing because it doesn’t manipulate you into a position. Truth is presented (the “telling”) and you decide. There isn’t some sales pitch or agenda. Truth is not a sales pitch or an agenda. H–Healing. You will be hearing truth when THE HEALING COMES! BUT MAKE NO MISTAKE–when you hear truth you generally will feel an “OUCH.” After the “OUCH” the healing will come. “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free!” “Set you free” is a healing process. OUCH–then AHHH…..pain and then healing. I hope this helps. God Bless and Much Love, Marc & Marceil

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