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10th Day of 40

Today, Saturday, October 24, 2020, is 10 days from the November 3, 2020, Election Day, in the United States. We are still in the ” 40 Day Window of the Watchmen” (of prayer) leading up to our Election Day. Just like the “Watchmen on the Wall” in ancient Middle East, the “Watchmen” would stand guard with eyes positioned in all directions. The “Wall” was large and thick and protected the citizens of the walled in city from all enemies. However, the Wall was only as good as the people watching for approaching enemy attack. The sharper the eyes of the Watchmen and the clearer the alarm of harm OR even the assurance of the safety–crying out “FRIENDS ARE APPROACHING FROM THE EAST” or “THE ENEMY APPROACHES FROM THE SOUTH WITH 20,000 STRONG”–Would give the citizens a time of preparation. The keener the Watchmen, the quicker the citizens could or would prepare. In the context of my challenge leading up to Election Day: Please set a prayer alarm for the ancient reporting time–the quarters of the day time: 9 AM; NOON; 3 PM; 6 PM. Next, join Marceil and me in a prayer of repentance for ourselves and our nation, followed by a prayer of thanksgiving. Each day I have been presenting a “prayer model” for what I have been thinking, but today (with 10 days left before the US Election Day) I have a different suggestion. After you pray for repentance and thanksgiving, please pray for a spiritual “quickening” for people to be discerning, wisdom, and responsible citizens. If you are an international friend, who is not an American, please pray for us. As citizens we have become misguided and misinformed at too many levels. I mean no dis-respect (I SERIOUSLY MEAN THIS)–I want to challenge you and your family and friends, not “beat you up.” This was easier when I led from a pulpit, but now I have to write it out. Ha! My “pulpit” has become a post and a blog. The hardest part of this is, rarely do I get a chance to really “cut loose” in a pulpit. Most of the time when I am asked to preach the Pastor is in a “series” and actually presents me with their notes to use as a guide. In fairness, I am told: “Adapt this any way you want,” but the truth is–from someone like me who doesn’t have a public pulpit (and generally a prophetic approach to preaching in the sense of “forth-telling” NOT FORE-TELLING), it is a boundary and limiting of what God wants to use me as a voice into our culture and lives of people. THANKS FOR LETTING ME GET ALL OF THAT OFF MY CHEST. (Not that you had any choice)–Ha! (No wonder I get an outline of what to preach). Double Ha! Here is what I want to speak into our culture: 1. READ! When was the last time you read something for yourself rather than heard it from a speaker, a “pundit”, or someone spouting their opinion. There is a vast universe of “success through acquisition of information” if we would just invest some time in reading. YouTube videos are great–but you can watch three different videos and get three different approaches of how to put something together. Watch all 3 videos! Then decide YOUR best approach. I am saying read, listen, contemplate, pray, and THEN DECIDE. Let God speak to you. By the way–over the years–I have harped on the single most important thing we can do for our children around the world was to teach them to read–AND HELP THEM ENJOY READING. When we tried some initiatives in Haiti it was always with the basis of teaching the Teachers how to best teach children to read so that the children could read their Bibles as a first and most important resource to morally successful living. 2. Try to curtail drinking from the FIRE HYDRANT OF OPINIONATED INFORMATION. I don’t really know how to tell you to stop it in your own personal world. Maybe there are certain people or groups of people you should stop “hanging out with” or spending time. Maybe we all need to take a searing self inventory of the amount of opinions we personally spout. It is tough to be brutally honest with self! The way to honesty in this regard is to ask yourself–“Do I spout a bunch of stuff I am thinking OR do I provide people with resources to form their own conclusions?” PLEASE DON’T JUST PASS OVER WHAT I JUST WROTE. I really don’t think we help people or our situations as much as we think we do. Help people along by providing them with tools to think for themselves. Encourage thoughtful dialogue EVEN IF it is different from your way of thinking. Stay unified in developing a point of view–not forcing your point of view upon others. Christ followers have the saying “God is in control.” If you really believe that, then you should also believe, I don’t have to force my opinion on someone. If I believe “God is in control” then I also believe God can speak into people’s life as they are open to reading, thinking, and understanding. LET GOD BE IN CONTROL, ESPECIALLY IF YOU BELIEVE AND SAY THAT HE IS IN CONTROL!3. Sorry to keep harping–I am serious–I AM TRULY SORRY TO KEEP HARPING about American civics. Our Founding Fathers created the 3 branches of Government so we could have what was believed to be “Separation of Powers.” The “Separation of Powers” was authored and proposed by one of our former Presidents (and lessor quoted), James Madison. George Washington was the first President and used James Madison’s work on the preamble of the Constitution and their discussions and writings during the Constitutional Congress sessions in Philadelphia to make it clear that the Presidency of the United States of America WAS NOT A MONARCHY. When Americans go to the polls on November 3, or vote absentee, or vote early, or vote by mail, we ARE NOT ELECTING A KING! We are electing a single person to be responsible to “EXECUTE THE LAWS HE/SHE HAS AGREED WITH PROPOSED BY CONGRESS.” I am not diminishing any of our candidates in my life time as far as their knowledge of this fact, but for some reason Americans talk in terms (and seem to believe at some level) the power of the Presidency is that of a Monarch (a King). When the candidates for President talk, they sound like they will become “Kings” when elected. The Executive Branch of the Government of the United States can’t legally do a fraction of what the candidates in the debates or their Political advertisements say they can do or promise to do! I am carrying on about this, because I am burdened by it, and think it needs to be a matter of thought, reflection, and most importantly PRAYER. Prayerfully consider that the “bones” (structure) of our great nation, the United States of America, is well thought out and was truly prayed over–but we have gotten our eyes so far off of God and on to our own selfish motivations/agendas that we lose our way. Hence, let’s set our prayer alarms and pray for repentance and thankfulness. God Bless and Much Love, Marc & Marceil

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