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9th Day of 40

Today, Sunday, October 25, 2020 is 9 days from the November 3, 2020, Election Day in the United States. “Election Day” is beginning to have a whole new meaning in the United States with the millions of people who have already voted either via mail-in ballot or early voting options. Regardless of (when) the voting takes place, November 3 is the deadline to vote in our elections in the United States. Leading up to the November 3, 2020 we have been joining together to pray for our nation. We need God’s presence and help in our time “of trouble.” I have been seeing it from an ancient Biblical view of the “Watchmen on the Wall” of Jerusalem. At the top of every quarter (the “Watch” is spaced in 3 hour intervals): 9 AM; NOON; 3 PM; 6 PM (in whatever time zone you live) we stop and pray for repentance and thankfulness–repentance of sin and thankfulness for God’s blessing in our lives. Set the alarm on your phone and join us. We started 31 days ago, but TODAY to get started is perfectly fine–glad you found us! Please join us. Setting a prayer alarm for 9–Noon–3–6 (four times a day) will certainly interrupt your life, but we probably could use some “spiritual interruption” from time to time. God’s basic relationship is with an individual. YOU. God’s basic relational unit is His personal relationship with YOU. You don’t have to “go through” someone else or some–“thing” else to relate to God. This is by God’s design, not man’s design. If it were left up to (humankind) a human would make you believe you have to go through them (a certain human) to get to God. I need to jump in with a touch of theology, but please read on, (I am coming to a point, but don’t want to lose you). Theologically–our sinful nature separates us so far from God He can’t (couldn’t) even look at us, but Jesus took all of the complication of the sinful nature on Him. When we open our lives to Jesus–repent of our sins–and invite Him in, the wonderment of a personal relationship with God is restored. Note that Jesus said, “I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life, no one comes to the Father, but by (through) Me.” Don’t let the tricks and schemes of organized religions and their practices make you think there is some other way to get to God, or some other way for God to relate to you. Many religious leaders take it upon themselves to “rally” you as cheerleaders to their own particular brand of religion. Some go so far as to provide “criteria of acceptance” into their brand. Others lay it out so it is “easy” to believe. Still others lay it out so it is “hard and difficult” to be accepted by their religious community. All of these schemes are often unwittingly done to appease human pride or human gain–not the EDIFICATION OF THE CREATOR OF THE UNIVERSE. Here is the thing–when you come to terms with the idea that God wants to relate to me personally and that happens through a personal relationship with God THROUGH CHRIST–organized religion has a place to play in regard to developing your relationship with (and in) God deeper and richer, and better equipped for the next step of this journey.Here goes the next step:GOD WANTS US TO SHARE OUR RELATIONSHIP WITH HIM–WITH (AND INTO) THE LIVES OF OTHERS. Part of relating to God is to realize God’s desire to relate to EVERYONE. God’s deepest desire is to speak and relate to you in such a way you can relate His great love to others. WE HAVE COVID 19 TO THANK FOR HOW THE MESSAGE OF GOD’S GREAT LOVE NEEDS TO SPREAD TO THE WORLD–One. Person. At. A. Time. Just like COVID 19 spreads from person to person, so the love of God–the message and teachings of Christ needs to spread from person to person. Person to Person Contact. The enemy is using the disease of COVID 19 to hurt, to scare, to kill, to destroy through the basic process (PERSON TO PERSON CONTACT) that God gave us to advance HIS (GOD’s) message of love to this world. God help us to learn the lesson of Heart to Heart–Person to Person advancement of HIS love. God Bless & Much Love, Marc & Marceil

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