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Call it what you want, but coming out of this epic Pandemic and trying to rebuild a “Post-Pandemic” life is going to take some work. Nothing will ever return to normal. Because of of this thing called a “new normal” or “post-pandemic” the best Biblical model for us to follow is found in Jeremiah 31: 23-26. God’s phrase: “bring them back from captivity” sums up what it will be like trying to rebuild all the different areas of our lives, and the way each of our lives touch each other.

THE SET UP: (Jeremiah 31:23) “This is what the Lord almighty the God of Israel says: When I bring them back from captivity the people in the land of Judah and in its towns will once again use these (WORDS)”…..

The idea of “WORDS” is best defined as “BEHAVIORS.” God is saying–as you rebuild your life in the post-pandemic world apply these three concepts to everything you do; everything you say; and everything related to everything you do or say. (In other words, apply this to everything.)

Here is the exact wording then we will break it down.

THE NEW AND CONSISTENT ATTITUDE: “The Lord Bless You, O Righteous Dwelling, O Sacred Mountain.”

  1. Our new way of life is to adore (revere) God in everything–every word; every action; every attitude; every step; every breath. The main question after everything needs to be: “How did what I just did or what I just said, demonstrate that I adore and revere God in every area of my life?” (Yahweh Yabarekka)

It is time for us to quit talking about it (putting God first). IT IS TIME FOR US TO ACTUALLY START PUTTING GOD FIRST.

2. Our new way of life to totally inhabit doing the right thing; to totally inhabit doing the just thing; to totally inhabit doing the (normal) thing. Doing what is RIGHT, JUST, AND NORMAL. (Sedeq Neweh)

3. Our new way of life is to separate myself from the pattern of the world. “O sacred mountain” is haqquodes har–the holy mountain top.

Three new behaviors/attitudes: Adore God, do what is right–just–normal, and don’t do what the world does.

THE CONCLUSION: “People will live together in Judah and all its towns. Farmers who move their flocks. I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint. At this I awoke and looked around my sleep had been pleasant to me.”

The conclusion sums it up for us. We will live TOGETHER WITH OTHERS. Life will go on. God will refresh us. God will quicken our spirits and give us peace in our hearts. THESE DAYS ARE COMING. LOOK OUT–THEY ARE AT HAND!

Much Love, Marc & Marceil

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