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The Least Used Words In Our Culture Today

“I am sorry.” (Missing words in our culture)–“I messed up.” “I apologize.” “I was wrong.” 1 Samuel 15:23 goes well beyond “rebellion is as the sin of witchcraft”–the next concept is: “STUBBORNNESS IS AS WICKED AS IDOLATRY.” “Stubbornness” encompasses our pride and insolence. The level of pride we hide behind when we are deeply insecure and afraid. God’s remedy for our stubbornness is repentance. “I am sorry for what I did.” “I am sorry for what I said.” We talk of God’s love but often forget the basis for our relationship with God starts with our repentance. In the same way, the basis for any relationship we have starts with our ability to break down our stubbornness (that we hold onto so tightly it becomes an idol) and APOLOGIZE TO ONE ANOTHER FROM TIME TO TIME. When Jesus said “settle matters quickly with your adversary,” He explained things can unravel quickly between people when everyone chooses their side. We need to get ahead of issues by quickly and easily apologize to one another. (BUT SINCERELY–NO BLUSTER OR PLEASER ISSUES–just to “fix it”). It has to start individually–and in our family relationships–in our neighborhoods–in our communities. How refreshing it would be to hear it from Leaders. No Leader is perfect. “Hey, I am sorry, I misspoke when I said…….” “I am sorry when I overstated.” OR EVEN: “I was wrong about that.” We need to all take a breath–bring it down a notch. Quit worrying about being sued or being liable. (I know. I know. I know: I AM BEING IDEALISTIC). I have a dream today: Where little boys and little girls would learn from the adults how to apologize, how to forgive one another, how to reset a relationship, and how to start over. PART II–As I was running this concept past Marceil a couple of minutes ago she added to the idea of hearing from our Leaders: “I am sorry, but I am learning and growing.” (Leave it to an Educator! Ha!) Much Love. Marc


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