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  1. We all have a responsibility to be HIS “Messengers” in this/the truth.
    22 Then the angel—ANGELOS–MESSENGER
  2. There is an energy force beyond our comprehension or understanding.
    showed me the river—Potamon—energy; force;
  3. The “presence of God” was/is/will be the essence of life (symbolized by water).
    of the water—Hydatos—presence of God
  4. God is both the “life force” and the “force of all life”—nothing stands (apart).
    of life—Zoes—life force
  5. In God is all clarity, clearness, and radiance.
    as clear—Lampron—radiant
  6. The foundational “rock” is always found in God.
    as crystal—Krystallon—ice rock
  7. Our focus should be always on “receiving” what God is “discharging.”
    flowing—Ekporeuonenon—discharge; projecting out
  8. The power in life is the place of God. God is the place of power in life.
    from the throne—Thronos—stately seat of power
    of God—Theou—supreme divinity
  9. The constant in the story of God is His hatching of plan for the LAMB.
    and of the Lamb—Kai Tou Arniou—a diminutive force that was once lost
  10. The idea of the TREE (Xylon) is truly is essence of God’s creative genius.
    2 down—En—shows definite positioning
    the middle—Meso—from a middle point
    of the great street—Platieias—as in the public square or most public place
    of the city. On each side—Enteuthen—showing the prominent area
    of the river stood the tree—Xylon—showing the true substance of something–TREE
    of life—Zoes—existence
  11. The powerful cycle of life: Create; Design; Manufacture; Construct; Exhaust.
    bearing—Poioun—think it up; then design it; then manufacture it; then construct it
  12. God created the system of measurement.
  13. The basic component of God’s master design is the idea of MULTIPLICATION.
    crops of fruit—Karpon
    yielding—Apodidoun—a concept based in the idea of thought up and produce to give away
    its fruit every month—Kata Hekaston Mena—systematically and regularly and consistently
  14. Anything God touches or is involved in meets needs and brings healing.
    And the leaves of the tree—Kai Phylla—sprouts; seeds; the continuous life cycle
    are for the healing—Eis Therapeiau—needs
    of the nations—Etnou—anyone alienated or foreign or doesn’t fit in
  15. Deterioration is confined to planet earth and will not exist in eternity.
    3 No longer will there be any curse—Ouk Eti Estai Pan Katathema—dengeneration; detoriation
    The throne of God and of the Lamb will be in the city
  16. Serving Him, not Him serving us is an important thing to understand.
    and his servants—Autou Douloi—a very voluntary enslavement that is completely unforced
    will serve him.—Latreusousum—serve and minister
  17. We are God’s. God is enough.
    4 They will see—Opsontai—appearance
    his face—Prosopon—countenance; aspect; appearance; presence
    and his name—Autou Onoma—complete knowledge of someone so deep it is an acclamation to that person’s DNA
    will be on their foreheads—Metepon—forefront
  18. Eternity will NOT have confusion, chaos, insecurity, or obscurity in its existence.
    5 There will be no more night—Nyx—any kind of night time; darkness; obscurity
  19. Wait on God. Look to God. Listen for God. God is all the “light” we need.
    And they will have no need—Charein—a requirement
    For light—Photos—any kind of illumination or clarity
    For the Lord God will shine—Photisei—brighten up and make it clear
  20. JUST TO BE CLEAR: ETERNITY DOES EXIST! (It is our “next stop”)
    On them and they will reign forever—Basileusousue Aionas—rule perpetually

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