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Monthly Archives: November 2021


Then I dug into Revelation 13 (the mark of the beast stuff) then God moved me into Revelation 14–saying “BEHOLD, THE MARK OF THE LAMB!”

Our whole lives we have heard teachers and preachers give their explanation for the things described in the New Testament book of Revelation. The term “Rapture” is one that brings a great awakening to each one’s personal spiritual condition–or at least it does to me. As far back as I can recall, every time I think of the Rapture, I breath the “sinner’s prayer” once again to make sure I am forgiven of all my sins and Jesus will take me up in the Rapture. (Of course, this all might JUST BE ME. If it is, sorry to put you through my own spiritual insecurity. The Rapture has always scared me). THEN–I REALIZED THAT CHRISTIANS HAD BASIC DISAGREEMENT ON JUST WHEN IN THE TIMING OF THE END OF TIME EVENTS THE RAPTURE WOULD OCCUR. No matter how much I studied, or listened, or just tried to understand, I still couldn’t get it. Then it hit me: “God is not the author of confusion, but of peace…..” If all the discussion about the Rapture and the possible timing of it caused such confusion, how could it be God? If it were God, why wouldn’t He have just plain laid it out? Many of you will answer: “HE HAS MADE IT CLEAR!” (Next you will go off on your convoluted explanation that none of us can really understand). The whole theological explanation becomes much like the “smart people” who create Excel Spreadsheets so complex that only they can understand them. Now let’s put the Rapture stuff aside.

When I heard God say “It’s Time” I immediately assumed it was the time for the “Beast” of Revelation 13 to surface with the Mark that afforded you with the only opportunity to buy or sale anything. Can you imagine it? (I think we probably can imagine it TODAY more than ever before). People try to parallel governmental mandates with the Mark of the Beast, but governmental mandates are petty compared to the description in Revelation 13 about this time/age in which to live. It is easy to imagine: with all the “hacking” and “ransoms” eventually we will all wake up one day and all our monetary systems will be wiped out. All of our identification will be kidnapped. The genius who comes up with the way to reclaim our identity and our money will be the one everyone will worship. People will gladly do whatever is necessary to get back their “stuff.” The identifying “Mark” will seem like a “NO BRAINER.” Why wouldn’t we? (Will be the general attitude). The problem is, it will be the great and renowned Mark of the Beast that will bring the eternal curse upon your life.

As I thought and prayed about “It’s Time” I realized IT WAS TIME for us to start realizing, not only that we are at the End of Time, but the Book of Revelation is the REVELATION OF JESUS CHRIST, NOT THE REVELATION OF SATAN. It’s time for Jesus to be revealed, not for Satan to be revealed. The revelation of Satan is found in Revelation 13 with the mark of the beast, but the revelation of Jesus is the found in Revelation 14 with the revelation of the Lamb of God.

Revelation 14:1–“Then I looked, and behold, on Mount Zion stood the Lamb, and with him 144,000 who had his name and his Father’s name written on their foreheads.

Each word in this verse pounds and throbs the power of God. The most powerful word is the most powerless–“LAMB.” Interestingly the idea of the “Lamb of God” is clear throughout Scripture, but rarely have we defined and applied it to our lives, so here goes….The Lamb (Arion) means a diminishing presence and power source. The application for how it is used in our lives (transferred from Scripture) has NOT been because of confusion, but instead because we are uncooperative in its relevance. The “Lamb” is the summation of the idea of decreasing. “I must decrease so that HE (God) may increase.” It makes sense that there isn’t room enough for both God and (me) to increase. In relationship to God and all things God, I must decrease so that He can and will increase in presence, in power, in influence, and in every other way.

The “Lamb” standing on Mount Zion (Sion) gives us the notion that this principle of the Lamb is eternal in nature. It is a law of God, not just a notion of God.

The reference to 144,000 is based upon 12 (the Biblical meaning of perfect perfection) times 12–or in other words–“perfect perfection times (multiplied by) perfect perfection.”

The “name written on the forehead” shows the force and importance behind the whole concept.

Here is what God considers perfect perfection times perfect perfection: THAT I PERSONALLY DECREASE (I die, I surrender, I submit my self will to Him), so that God can in EVERY WAY INCREASE. Etching the name of the Lamb on your forehead is the essence of dying daily to that self will demise. Your pride, ego, sense of security, sense of self, all have to die so that God may increase fully and totally in and through your life. IT’S TIME. TODAY. RIGHT NOW.

Revelation 14: 3-4 goes on to specifically name two things to keep out of your life: impurity and dishonesty. You could say purity and honesty are the evidence (the fruit) of etching the “Name of the Lamb on Your Forehead.” IT’S TIME FOR US TO BE PURE OF HEART, MIND, BODY. IT’S TIME FOR US TO BE TRUTHFUL AND HONEST WITH GOD, WITH OURSELVES, AND WITH ONE ANOTHER.


God Bless & Much Love,

Marc Royer