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“Turn Away From These” (apotrepou) means AVOID; (toutos) means THESE KINDS OF PEOPLE.

In review, to keep the powerful spiritual and miraculous work of God in your life that advances the Gospel person to person, heart to heart, WE MUST HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH PEOPLE WHO ARE:

  1. In love with themselves.
  2. In love with money.
  3. Boastful.
  4. Arrogant.
  5. Abusive
  6. Disobedient to parents.
  7. Ungrateful.
  8. Unholy.
  9. Unloving.
  10. Unforgiving.
  11. Slanderous.
  12. Without Self Control.
  13. Brutal.
  14. No love for good.
  15. Traitorous.
  16. Reckless.
  17. Conceited.
  18. Lovers of Pleasure rather than Lovers of God.


One response to “CONCLUSION: 2 Timothy 3:1-4–“HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM”

  1. jkandresn January 27, 2023 at 3:43 pm

    Thank you so much for these messages, I have prayed and ask God to put the people in my life he wants there and take out the ones he don’t.

    The closer things get to be resolved with Jason the more I want to be sure that I am being led by God and not the influences of others if that makes sense.

    Thank you, Kathy Have a blessed day.😊


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