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PART 10: Know This–At the End of Time There Will Be A Reduction In Spiritual Power Because A Gospel Will Be Preached That Is Easy & Not Full of Miraculous Power! 2 Timothy 3:1-4

“Unforgiving” (asondoi) means “no desire to make a truce.”

Forgiving and being forgiven is a MAJOR issue for any Christ Follower. Forgiving is essential in Jesus’ Teaching. The issue in this context (of 2 Timothy 3 where we are shown at the End of Time there will be a reduction in spiritual power because we no longer except the supernatural power of God) is FORGIVENESS is not essential if you have a good excuse for not forgiving others.

Instead of forgiving quickly and easily, many today “share” their offenses with others and expect others to take a side in the offense. This “circle of offense” gets extended because people have become addicted to drama and get caught in a downward vortex of excusing unforgiveness because of the affirmation received.

Further, we allow ourselves to get worked up and work other people up as well. Rather than let it go, we hold on to it.

Eventually, we become highly sensitive and easily offendable. Then we create a “circle of support” to cry on the shoulders of others who get pulled into and caught up in the drama. All of this reduces spiritual power because anything less than total forgiveness and moving on completely misses God’s will and God’s direction for your life!


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