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PART 3: Know This–At the End of Time There Will Be A Reduction In Spiritual Power Because A Gospel Will Be Preached That Is Easy & Not Full of Miraculous Power! 2 Timothy 3:1-4

“Boastful” (alazones) means a braggart; an attention getter; a profile raiser. When a person, church, or organization is raising its own profile (or drawing attention to themselves), IT IS NOT THE LIVING GOD WHO IS BEING GLORIFIED (lifted up). The reduction of spiritual power that makes it dangerous for people to navigate comes as Ministers and Ministries seek to make things about themselves, about their organization, about raising up their profile, about showing off their good works.

A common “boastful practice” in the culture today is to photograph or video one’s good deeds and show off the results in the name of “celebrating together.” Often God’s name is thrown in, but it is clearly the profile of the organization that is being celebrated. Simply the glorification of the flesh as in, “look what we did.”

When attention getting/profile raising is active in a culture, it consumes the space the miraculous power of God would be filling.


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