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PART 4: Know This–At the End of Time There Will Be A Reduction In Spiritual Power Because A Gospel Will Be Preached That Is Easy & Not Full of Miraculous Power! 2 Timothy 3:1-4

“Arrogant” (hyperephanoi) means appearing above others. When a person, church, or organization thinks they simply “do it better” than anyone else, it is arrogance. This kind of arrogance reduces spiritual power causing a dangerous spiritual climate for anyone close by.

The kind of spiritual salvation that gets preached has no true miraculous or supernatural power becomes there is no room for it when people feel like they do it better–Or: they know it better–Or: they believe they are better. This kind of attitude comes across as–“we don’t need your help, you need our help.” (Except in terms of money, then they ALWAYS need your help).


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