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To: The Honorable Annise Parker, Mayor of Houston, Texas

Marceil is a follower of Anne Graham Lotz’s blog. She shared something on Facebook that I read this morning. According to Anne Lotz, Eric Metaxas, the author of the modern Bonhoeffer book, was outraged by Mayor Annise Parker, Mayor of Houston, Texas who subpoenaed the sermons of five Pastors in Houston, Texas who have supposedly targeted homosexuals in their Sunday messages. I don’t know if the thing is over blown or not, but Governor Mike Huckabee urges every Pastor to send Mayor Annise Parker their sermons. Eric Metaxas has urged every Pastor to send Mayor Parker a Bible. Years ago I was the target of a City Councilman in the City I was a Pastor. He kept sending City Inspectors to our Church location in an effort to fine us for everything: Tree branches, side walks, easements, parking lot, on and on it went. Anne Graham Lotz says “I agree with Eric Metaxas, the red line has been crossed. Persecution of God’s people has begun.” (I personally don’t think it ever stopped since the beginning of the Church). People have been persecuted all around the world for their faith. We are seeing it raise its head right here in America. What can we do right now? I’m doing what Governor Huckabee suggested. I have written Mayor Parker a nice note and packed up my sermons that are housed in 24 books I have published over the last 20 years. I am also sending it out in a priority box in a couple of hours when the Post Office opens (that is going to cost me)! I’m not saying what the best thing for you to do is or is not–because I think the “red line” that Anne Lotz talked about in her blog was crossed quite a while ago. But for Pastor Marc Royer, I say if Mayor Parker wants to look at sermons, lets all help her out! I am sending 24 books to The Honorable Mayor Annise Parker, City Hall, 901 Bagby Street, Houston, Texas, 77002 in a priority box this morning.  (By the way:  I even included a copy of my Dad’s sermons in the book “Honest John, Pastor Royer”–Dad has been in heaven since September of 2010, but I really think he would have wanted to be included in Mayor Parker’s desire to read sermons)!


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