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You mean we CAN be forgiven?

I thought it interesting in the news recently the Pope is making it easier to be forgiven of the transgression known as abortion. Interesting NOT in the idea of forgiveness of a sin, but interesting that one man asserting himself as the one who could make the forgiveness possible a newsworthy item. (Or interesting enough for me to mention it in a blog). It is the long held belief that Catholicism sees it’s priesthood idea as the “vicar of Christ.” The Pope, being the head of the priesthood, is the main guy among the main guys. The priest “stands in for God” and through the sacrament of the confessional, the priest can absolve people of their sins. I truly don’t want to take on a religious system over 2000 years old and built upon Jesus’ remark to Peter that “upon this rock I will build my Church and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it…” But from time to time we need to clear the mechanism and get back to the basics of faith. It IS NOT man who forgives us of our sins, IT IS God who does the forgiving–through the sacrifice of Christ’s death as our penalty for sin. “Father forgive them, they don’t know what they are doing..” Jesus said as they were taking His life away. It is through Christ we can be forgiven of ANY sin. It does NOT matter what you have done you can be forgiven by God. The only condition is you have to come to God, admit your sin, ask forgiveness, and then leave it with Him. (Leaving your sin with Him is actually the hardest part). Because it is so hard to forgive ourselves after God forgives might be why it is easier for us to follow a religious system whereby humans are forgiving other humans of their sin. Easier…maybe…but in my opinion–very wrong. As far as abortion goes, it is a sin that people carry their entire lives. People who I know who have had abortions (even if they aren’t a follower of Christ) suffer from guilt and shame. Years after they know God has forgiven them and have confessed Christ’s forgiveness, still suffer deeply for what they have done. I would say to those people: CHRIST PAID A DEBT HE DID NOT OWE TO FREE US FROM THE PENALTY OF OUR SIN..AND OUR GUILT…AND OUR SHAME. Be forgiven, then be free. Walk in the freedom of Christ. Get the joy of God back inside. Most importantly–you don’t need man to be free, you need Christ! Much Love, Marc

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