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6th Day of 40

Today, Wednesday, October 28, 2020 is 6 days from the November 3, 2020, Election Day in the United States. This is an exciting “Window” of opportunity to not only pray–but experience God’s presence in answer to our prayers. I have been calling the 40 days leading up to November 3, 2020 the “40 Day Window of the Watchmen of Prayer.” My challenge each day is to set your prayer alarm for 9 AM; NOON; 3 PM; 6 PM (whatever your time zone) and pray repentance for our sins as a nation and thanksgiving for God’s presence we are able to experience. IT IS NOT TOO LATE TO JOIN US IN THIS ENDEAVOR! Pray from your heart. If you have other needs, lift them to God after you pray repentance and thankfulness. Yesterday I mentioned we need to pray, turn it over to God, BUT REMEMBER TO VOTE. I have a story to tell about the first time I voted at 18 years of age, but I am going to wait another day or two. Today, I have another thing to focus on. I want us to consider the surge in COVID cases in our prayers. There are things that are so important for us to consider in light of this harmful and deadly disease. It is important for us to consider how easy Americans have gotten off for so many years. The rest of the world struggles in health related ways and rarely have we had things to deal with that are this deadly. We need to always be thankful for God’s mercy. If we thank God for His provision and protection we are more likely to experience it because our eyes will be tuned and focused to see it. If we become bitter, resentful, or have an attitude about what we have lost, we are more likely to be pulled into the dark pit. KEEP BEING THANKFUL FOR THE LIFE GOD HAS PROVIDED. IT IS ALWAYS THE BETTER WAY!It is important to consider others above yourself. A clear Scriptural imperative is to “love your neighbor as yourself”–“Do unto others the way you would have them do unto you”–“Think of others before yourself”–“Don’t think more highly of yourself than you ought”…..I read people posting that Timothy passage about the End of Times where “people will be LOVERS OF THEMSELVES.” It is so important (right here–and–right now) for us to look at every situation/every step we take and ask ourselves: “WHAT REFLECTS ME PUTTING OTHERS FIRST IN THIS SITUATION OR CIRCUMSTANCE?” If you put others first, you will never error. It is important to consider time is getting short. COVID 19 is another reminder that last Book of the Bible is not just “made up.” (If I get a chance in the next week or so I want to talk about those “murder hornets” they discovered up in Washington ). Is everything “up to date” in your life? Are you “up to date” with God? Are you “up to date” in your relationship with others. It is important for us to be up to date and teach others that NOW is the time to be up to date and stay up to date. Thanks for joining with us in prayer at 9–NOON–3–and 6!God Bless and Much Love, Marc & Marceil

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