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Bonus Day #202

This afternoon while still in Belize, Pastor Heath drove me out to the Mayan Ruins still standing.  I have heard about these my whole life.  Every kid studies about it in school.  I was taken back by the primitive location and the lack of commercialization around them.  The Mayan culture was pagan.  Their worship consisted of human sacrifices.  Their “sun temple” had a round altar on the top where they beheaded people and the heads could roll down the front of the temple to the delight of the crowds of people gathered in the theater on the three sides out front.  It was a sobering to be in the presence of a place where so many people met their demise in this way.  Sobering still to think of how people end up treating each other.  We ought always be on guard.  We need to keep respect and reverence for human life at the forefront of our thinking, otherwise, we become a culture of the same.

Every day is a Bonus Day!

Much Love,


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